New House Build - AirCon with HASS

Hey everyone,

Thanks in advanced for you information. I am in Brisbane, Australia and I am about to begin building my house and wanting to make sure that I am purchasing the right products and services for my HASS setup. Currently setup Home Assistant using Docker and Portainer

One of the big ticket items is the Ducted AirConditioning unit. We are putting in a 3 phase Daikin ducted system, which i see if we go with the AirBAse solution as a HASS component.

When talking with any of the companies that are selling the unit, they all are trying to sell on of the 3rd partry smart controller systems that they use:
AdvantageAir (eZone or My Air)

When talking with one of the sales people yesterday, they basically said, without using one of the 3rd party controls, the temperate control will only have 1 senor throughout the house; there will not be any temperature sensors in each zone and if 1 room is warmer than any of the others the AC will either under or over cool the room and it wont be the right temp.

Is any of that just a sales pitch to invest more into a system that I don’t want/need, or should i be looking into one of these smart controller systems.

If it helps, I am wanting to put in a 18/20Kw 3 Phase Premium inverter with the Zone Controller from Daikin, including the WiFi controller and AirBase. The house will have 8 different zones.

Also, if there is any other system considerations that we should have, please don’t hesitate to comment either.