New House,New Start, New Configs

We just moved across the country (from TX to HI) and we have a new house, which means I lost a lot of the configurations we did have because the new place is a rental and I havent gotten around to switching outlets and tinkering with the new setup yet.
I digress but as I sit here looking at all the potential upgrades I want to include, I noticed the command line sensor and I was wondering:

Since I am running the CLI Ubuntu server back-end with docker containers that keep everything else updated automatically with Watchtower… Is there a way to periodically check and display and updates for Ubuntu that the command ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ would show me?

Say there are 13 upgrades that ubuntu wants me to upgrade; there is no way of knowing that without logging into the CLI back-end and running that command, is there?

There is a commandline way of doing everything in linux