New House Security and Automation Setup advice needed

I am new to home automation and Home Assistant but I have experience with linux and computers. I think Home Assistant will be a good fit for what I need. Since Home Assistant works with so many brands and ecosystems I would like to have some input before I pull the trigger and buy the wrong brand. Below are the types of devices I will be including in my smart home and your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Window and Door sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Alarm / siren
  • touch screen interface
  • Smart Lights
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Indoor Camera with sound for baby monitoring
  • Smart lock

Note I need all of the deviese to work without internet connection for safety reasons. Also for the cameras I just want to view them on the touch screen interface and I will use a synology nas to record the footage, however please correct me if I am wrong about the cameras.

Thanks for your help!