New house wiring

Hi everybody and happy new year. I have some questions. I use home assistant 2 years now at my office and it works great. I want to ask, i am planing to build a new house. The questio is that i want to make it all smart but i dont want to make everything with wifi or wirelles. I want to place all the cables from lights, switches, door and window sendors and everything at one place and from there to control everything. But i dont think that a Raspberry pi can do it. I need something more strong and with more pins to handle the power at the cables of the sensors and switches. Sorry for my bad english i am from Greece. Thanks

Yasso Levendi
what you asking is more like (Here In Australia) Clispal C-Bus or a HDL Automations, the Shelly Pro 4

the home-assistant can still be on a Pi or Nuc it not doing the actual connection but it can control your system together.