New Hue LED bulb successfully updates firmware with MQTT + Zigbee2mqtt

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Just a FYI for those people using Hue bulbs with MQTT and Zigbee2mqtt.

I bought a new Hue bulb to replace an old one that was playing up.
( Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Twin Pack LED [B22 Bayonet Cap] for £14.99!)

Popped into the lamp, zigbee2mqtt immediately saw it, added to HA via MQTT integration and all working. Then I noticed ‘firmware update - Yes’ so I tried an update and it all worked successfully.
Until then I have always found Hue bulbs did not update?

Just an FYI that the newer Hue bulbs seem to support firmware updates.

Finished update of 'Hue 2', from '{"dateCode":"20190122","softwareBuildID":"1.53.3_r27175"}' to '{"dateCode":"20201012","softwareBuildID":"1.76.10"}'

That’s a very interesting finding, thanks for sharing! I would love to migrate my hue setup to ConBee as soon as the firmware upgrade process is available for all bulbs!