New Husqvarna Integration

Until recently, I used the HACS Husqvarna Automower integration, which also worked without any problems.

In March, the integration was then transferred to Homeassistant 2024.3.

Since then, I can still read all the sensors, but the controls no longer respond. I can no longer start or pause the mower. There are 404 errors in the log. I have already renewed the complete setup, also in the Husqvarna developer page, without success.

Does anyone else have experience with the integration? Does it work for you? Do you also have problems?

Updated today and it completely broke everything automower related for me.

Especially the new lawn_mower entity class. Doesn’t work with the custom vacuum cards I had been using with my automower for years. No camera entity either, so that card is broken. Automations don’t work because controls are all different.

It’s cool that it’s now a native integration, but it would have been nice if it could have kept some things the same. Really really not a fan. Guess it’s time to start over with automower and home assistant.

I talked to the developer and the integration doesn’t do more than enabling and disabling the Husqvarna schedule. „Start Mowing“ just enables the schedule. You can’t start the mower directly.

That explains the issue I’ve been having with service calls. Kind of useless IMO. Hopefully somebody forks the custom component and keeps it going because this official integration doesn’t compare.

Just tell him, I already did. This integration doesn’t work like a lawn mower integration should work at all.