New HW project: ESP32-S3 based Smart Thermostat

[I am cross posting this same topic in the Projects forum since I didn’t know which was more appropriate]

Hi everyone. Ever since Google / Nest changed their API, I have been frustrated with this idea of companies claiming local or private control, only to close it later. Since I had a need for a “smart” thermostat, I decided to design the hardware and write code from scratch:

If you look at the project, you will see;

  1. Everything is open source
  2. It is still a work-in-progress, but at a stage where it is functional as a connected thermostat (I am using one daily to control my office furnace)
  3. There is still a lot of work to achieve the “smart” part

I will be doing one more rev on the PCB (to include ESD protection and some other small improvements). I will be ordering them thru and having them do PCB assembly. All of the Gerber files will be made available.

If anyone finds this project interesting, plus let me know (feel free to email me), or take a look at the code and figure out how to improve it. It is a FOSS project!

BTW, Matter is coming. I have the code written, but am struggling with the SDK right now. Currently HA integration is performed using MQTT, but this thermostat will also work completely unconnected.