New icons for a cellphone & tablet

Am I the only person who hates new icons from 2021.10 for cellphones & tablets?

mdi:cellphone-iphone - > mdi:cellphone
mdi:cellphone-android - > mdi:cellphone
mdi:tablet-ipad - > mdi:tablet

Why these changes?
The old icons were quite nice.
The new ones are nameless / faceless / soleless - especially mdi:tablet.

Only one normal icon is left - mdi:tablet-android - hope nobody gonna delete it.

Is it possible to import old icons?

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MDI have made the choice to remove brand icons. Nothing to do with Home Assistant.

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Are there any alternatives we can use?
Except entity_picture.

Thank you for the info, but these icons basically to represent brands, official logos…

If what you want is not here you can make a request. The Dev is very accommodating (it’s not just brand icons):

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