New IKEA Dirigera hub

Besides matter, is there any advantages of the new Ikea hub over the old one in regards to HA?

The new one uses a new Zigbee OTA feed, which has OTA update for more devices…

Is there any update about dirigera already?

I bought 1 today and it works in the IKEA app, but I can’t get it to work with Home Assistant as a Homekit Controller. Just doesn’t find it.

I’m working in a Synology Docker, but I’ve also tried HA OS, just to see if it worked better there. But it didn’t work there either.

I’m using static IPs for the controller (and other home automation stuff). No VLANs though.

I already tried resetting, rebooting, multiple times. Forgetting in the IKEA app doesn’t work either. It doesn’t find it and I can’t add it manually, I think.

Any help would be appreciated!

If it’s on the same network as your HA install, HA should automatically find it.

Just enter the 8 digit value on the bottom of the Dirigera when prompted, and you should be good.
That’s all I did with mine.

Yes it is on the same network segment. I’m able to ping it, no problem. It doesn’t get autodetected (nothing is, btw, not sure why) and I can’t manually add it.

Get the message: no unpaired devices found.

When I unpair it from the ikea app, same things happens.

moving to the Dirigera because my Gen1 Gateway is full… I am trying to take advantage of some other new hardware, and added the Vindstyrka Air quality sensor to it.

However, Homekit does not recognize this. Which made me wonder, if we shouldnt be connecting the Dirigera to the Apple Homekit itself, and then maybe import that via the other HomeKit integration? Not even sure if thats possible, but it might be doable?

I actually bought one on friday. As an Ikea product, combined with the Ikea app, it works flawlessly. However, not in combination with HA.

So saturday night I bought myself a Tradfri hub (second hand but unopened box) and I tried that out. That worked like a charm too and I could even use it in HA! However… the new Vindstyrka did NOT work on the old Tradfri hub.

So in order to get everything to work properly, I decided to buy a Conbee II stick (which will be here tomorrow). Migrating over to Zigbee for all my devices, without any Dirigera or Tradfri hubs. I’m also hoping some other devices (temperature sensors) will work better over Zigbee then over WiFi.

Yeah There are many options.
The Conbee is not among them I am afraid. I ve had that for a few years now and tried it on several ha zigbee updates stages. It never worked reliably and rests in its case here…

We should be having more success with the new HA zigbee stick.

Why is the Conbee II stick not among the options?

I received it Tuesday and it’s working very well for me! All my devices that have Zigbee work as intended and (so far) quite stable!

Because it was unreliable at best…

If it works for you , so much the better. Might have been a specific aspect of my config.

Besides that, I found the UI and UX subpar…

I’m just using ZHA with the Conbee II stick, not Deconz. Maybe that’s why we have different experiences.

yes, I tried that too, sorry to say it did not work reliably at all. The stick is a bit of a discussion opener in #zigbee on Discord :wink:

Another data point on how I got the hub set up.


  • HA running in Docker container
  • Reverse proxy w/ Traefik for HTTPS over LAN

When I tried the steps suggested of linking Homekit in the Ikea app and then removing from Apple Home app and trying to add Homekit Controller, HA would not find the device. However, when I restarted the HA container with host networking (avoiding HTTPS & Traefik) it automatically showed it in the integrations page and I was able to connect to the device using the numbers on the bottom. Then I restarted the container back on the Traefik network and it has kept connection. Note that after adding new devices in the Ikea app, I had to do the start in host networking again once for it to detect the items, and then could go back to the normal setup.

these were the steps (from memory only, as I did it 6 months ago) I used to add mine to HA

  1. install Ikea Smart app on phone
  2. connet Dirigera Hub to Ikea Smart app, I believe that would automatically appear in the Apple Home app as one of the hubs
  3. then remove Digirera Hub from Apple Home App, then go back to Integration at HA, and search for Apple Controller, it should discover the Dirigera Hub and install the necessary integration

Tried all that, but with Android, instead of Apple…

Didn’t work for me.

Went with Zigbee now, btw. Totally removed the hubs from my system. it’s overhead you/we don’t really need :slight_smile:

you’ll understand it isnt at all when your HA is down…

just as a reference to New IKEA Dirigera hub - #90 by Mariusthvdb, I can report succes the Vindstyrka is recognized nicely on the Skyconnect stick. If we must use Zigbee, then my preference would be to do so supported by the main dev HA team, and keep as close to ‘core’ as possible.

It went like a breeze, and was recognized immediately, as were some other devices.

A bit off topic for the Dirigera, but since this particular device was touched above, it might help others be aware.

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With the last update to Home Assistant, my Dirigera hub no longer connects as a HomeKit Controller.

Apparently, this Phyton Lib GitHub - Leggin/dirigera: This repository provides an unofficial Python client for controlling the IKEA Dirigera Smart Home Hub. is already relatively advanced, and probably easier to integrate and use than the approach with Mqtt and Springboot. Has anyone worked on building a Homeassistant integration from the lib?

Just to add some datapoints to the thread, I have a DIRIGERA hub, a Skyconnect stick, quite a few IKEA bulbs, switches and remotes (TRÅDFRI, STYRBAR and SYMFONISK), as well as some speakers and a repeater. I initially put everything on the DIRIGERA because the Skyconnect was backordered. All the IKEA things worked fine together but would not speak to HA at all, even through Apple Home.

Once the Skyconnect finally arrived in early June I removed everything from the DIRIGERA, took it offline, and added everything to HA via the Skyconnect and ZHA. This was extremely flakey almost immediately. Bulbs would lose connection to Skyconnect or to the remotes or both, grouped lights didn’t act like groups (some would turn on but not others in seemingly random ways, dimming and color changing wasn’t synced), this kind of thing.

I finally gave up about a week ago and removed everything from the Skyconnect, factory reset the DIRIGERA, reinstalled it, reconnected everything to it, and it all just works again. Plus, for whatever reason the Apple Home integration is now seeing the DIRIGERA, so now my IKEA network is visible through HA and I can access everything except the remotes. Not one of them shows up in HA at all, through they all work fine in the IKEA Home app. 🤷

Hmm I had exactly the same starting situation. The Dirigera was extremely flaky. I moved everything to the Skyconnect and its working superb.