New IKEA Dirigera hub

Dear Community,
Yesterday IKEA released their new Smart Hub that will replace Trådfri.
It is called Dirigera.
When connecting the new Dirigera to my home network Home Assistant is recognizing it as:
HomeKit Controller

However, as an Android user, I have no idea how to connect this to Home Assistant.
It says it will need a code like xxx-xx-xxx
But there is no such code on the hub and the QR codes have no such codes either.

So my question is can Dirigera be connected already to Home Assistant in any way? if so how?
If not when can we hopefully have a working integration?


Not all regions have received the new Ikea hub yet, so it’ll take a bit until someone with the knowledge of how Ikea does things to get one and work on integrating it.

I’m picking one up later today.

This article lead me to check the IKEA website(s), and unfortunately Poland is one of those places where somebody screwed up something as it is not even listed on the website. Also support has no clue about it…

But generally you can buy it in any European country, and North America should come shortly.

The IKEA press release is characteristically about user benefits, and gives no tech specs at all.

The Verge review has a little tech detail:

This suggests:

  • Zigbee hub (so it has a IEEE 802.15.4 radio)
  • PLANNED Thread border router (will use the same IEEE 802.15.4 radio like Nabu Casa SkyConnect)
  • PLANNED Matter (looks to have RJ45 Ethernet)
  • IKEA app on Android & iOS
  • States “Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Home”, but looks like uses cloud integrations via IKEA

Not mentioned:

  • When Matter / Thread will be released
  • If local control via Matter / Thread will allow local HASS control (that’s really the point of Matter…)
  • If support for Apple Homekit / Google Home works (e.g. not via the IKEA app, nor via the IKEA cloud)

My experience is IKEA sells cheap and attractive Zigbee devices which are a PITA to setup with anything else than IKEA. Perhaps kit like this with Matter / Thread support can remove the need for IKEA’s own quirks and just work?

Hi everyone.
Same issue with my HA and Dirigera - I stucked with the “code”.

Someone raised an issue on Github:

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In the GitHub info one person says it works fine with the HomeKit integration but has no explanation as to how to get that to work.
So if anyone has some insight it would be much appreciated.

Also, I do understand this is all very new so I was just hoping someone had been an early adopter and already got it working and could share :slight_smile:

First I installed the ios app IKEA Home Smart and paired the Dirigera bridge. When the app asks just scan the smaller QR code in the box on the back of the device.

Second I started the ios app Home and let it find the device.

Third Home Assistant found a new device: Dirigera and asked for the code.
I tried to pair with the 8 digits on top of the smaller QR code and it did not work.

Fourth I pressed the Reset button on the back of Dirigera and waited until it rebooted.
Now pairing worked with these 8 digits. No hyphen!

Hope I did not forget a step :wink:


There seems to be an issue with connecting to the DIRIGERA hub using HomeKit on the first boot. After I rebooted the hub I could connect using HomeKit and see some devices I have connected.

Some devices I already tested and got working inside Home Assistant:

  • TRADFRI Motion Sensor
  • TRADFRI bulb GU10 WS 345lm
  • TRADFRI control outlet

The wireless chip inside the dirigera (Silicon Labs MGM210L) has support for Zigbee, Thread, and Bluetooth 5.1. (It even contains two for some reason). It also contains a muRata Type2AW for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

The main SoC is a STM32MP157CAB3, It has 500MB DDR3 ram (m15t4g16256a), and 4GB e-MMC storage (THGBMNG5D1LBAIL).


I was finally able to pair mine after rebooting the Dirigera hub.

An Ikea tradfri light bulb and a Shortcut Button were detected and added by the integration.

The on/off dimmer Button was NOT detected or added.

Is the motion sensor reporting motion detected? Or just battery % like with the old hub?

I took some photos of it: outside, inside, IKEA app, HASS, etc.


Seems to report % and also % changes.

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Also removed and replaced batteries. Seems to update battery % quite accurately.

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The code,.it’s in fact the 8 numbers behind the hub, above the left qr code.

Based on information from Dirigera license and boot logs (has been shared here) the hub is no longer using COAP for communication between the mobile app and hub but either WebSockets of MQTT. Given that internally it’s running Mosquitto MQTT broker (DIRIGERA/boot.log at 2f10091eba9471f13cf9dfea1c30dbe651aa40e4 · wjtje/DIRIGERA · GitHub), most likely it’s MQTT. Also, it seems that a lot of application-level software is written in NodeJs.
The hub has 3 open ports: 8000, 8082, and 8443. Has anyone tried to decompile the new Ikea App for Android and figure out the protocol?


(sorry for attaching images instead of textbased ref)

The next part is to identify the auth-seq to get the authorization header used in each call.
Mitm-proxy and and a proper Zeroconf test setup will probably do the trick (and even more digging in the code extracted by using jdax on the IKEA Home Smart apk)


It was me that mentioned that. Just pair the hub with the app and once its connected to he network home assistant should detect it and you pair it using the 8 digit pins on the back of the hub. If it fails try to reset the dirigera hub and try again. Dont initiate homekit pairing via the app.

There is no migration and you need to add your devices with the new hub. There are a few things that is not yet implemented but will likley come in a fututre release.

Can you share either apk or all decompiled files ?