New IKEA Dirigera hub

I just saw the update today and installed it now. I can now see the devices I set up in the Ikea app and it syncs correctly. They are coming in with just battery level. I am unclear how to get the log files and Json dump you need. Running the platform dump as instructed on your github page doesn’t seem to do anything though. I’m not seeing anything in Home Assistant Core logs in Settings>System>Logs unless I am supposed to be looking somewhere else.

here is what to do

  1. Go to the integration, select the integration and “Enable Debug”
  2. Go to Developer → Services → call the dump_json
  3. Now go to the Setting->system->logs

Ok, I definitely did that (including enable debug). There is nothing in my logs after waiting a few minutes and refreshing.


You would need to look into logs at settings->system->logs

Did you solve it? I’ve bought a kinetic 3 button (tuya-moes) and I’m going crazy to figure out how to connect it to HA with Z2M. I’ve a sonoff dongle ZBDongle-P (the ZBDongle-E seems compatible with Green Power devices.

I did, I was able to add it to my zigbee network with a CC2652P usb stick.
Following the pairing in Zigbee2mqtt website.

Of course, yours is different but you should find the info on this website as well if it is supported.

mmm ok, you have different dongle and different device (zigbee2mqtt seems doesn’t support my device) and create the converter seems doesn’t work.

Thanks so much!

In case anyone is interested, DIRIGERA now supports Matter (beta). It works perfectly in Home assistant, but for now only lights are exposed to Matter.

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might need to open a separate topic on the subject, but, as I am interested: how did you manage?

I believe I have all prerequisites in place, but dont see how to go about. Help appreciated…


I’m new to home assistant and would like to integrate my Dirigera Hub. I have already installed HACS, when I search for Dirigera the search finds nothing. Who can help me?

that is because there is nothing to find… (yet) .

you either need to go to the experimental custom integrations repo (by @sanjoyg ), or, rely on core Homekit device, which integrates the Dirigera in a flash of a second

Yes, the experimental custom is my favorite way. But how can I install it?

did you visit the repo at all, because it is explained there


yes, I read it, but as I already wrote, I’m a beginner. I have installed Homeassistant under Hyper-V and HACS is running so far. Various services are installed and running well.
Unfortunately, when I go to HACS → Custom Repositories, nothing happens. Hence my request if someone can explain to me how to proceed. Unfortunately I didn’t get there with the instructions.

Grüße aus Deutschland

You need to paste the repository link on the empty placeholder, select a category and click Add

Thank you very much, now I’m a lot smarter. It worked wonderfully.

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Question and probably not possible, can IKEA devices be added to the Dirigera and Z2M simultaneously? I want to use the hub for any OTA updates since Z2M seems unreliable in my experience, but I want to keep the functionality of Z2M for my zigbee network.

No. A Zigbee devices can only be connected to one coordinator at the same time. You would have to pair your IKEA device to the Dirigera, perform the update, and pair to Zigbee2MQTT again.

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Thank you. I guess the flow would be connect IKEA products to Dirigera and then make them HomeKit devices to get the entities for automations. That would be the only way to get non-IKEA motion sensors to work with IKEA lights correct?

well, no.
as long as you can get the devices into HA, you can have any entity work with any other. Via HA that is.

If you want the automations to be set on the Dirigera, then yes, you need to set the sensors in the Dirigera.

Ikea lights are Zigbee, so any Zigbee coordinator you set up in HA will see them and make them available in HA.