New Ikea remote

Just imported the new ikea tradfri remote but get this message it is not supported throug zigbee?
Is this because the device is new and not supported yet?
type e2002 ikea tradfri remote

Would like to know that as well. Good price and functions on the remote!

Theoretically yes:

And IKEA E2001/E2002 control via MQTT |

ok do i have to pair the remote to the lamp first?
or can i just make an automation like with the old remote?

i’m not understanding the links you send? sorry :slight_smile:

Pair to your zigbee coordinator.

And upgrade to the latest version.

Where do you main pair to zigbee controller? i can see the remote in the zigbee2mqtt console?

and by upgrade to latest version do you mean the remote control from ikea upgrade?
i get an error when trying to update my old remote from ikea?
Update of ‘Remote-Tess’ failed (Device didn’t respond to OTA request)

What does that mean?

What coordinator do you have ?

the CC2652RB with zigbee2mqtt version 1.18.1-1

Update zigbee2mqtt - the current is 1.21.2

I am not running the edge version? is that the problem? and can i upgrade to the edge version without any problems?

You probably still use the deprecated daniel welch repository. Switch to the official repository.

Ah i see… :frowning: image
i am using this… can i upgrade to the right version without losing my config?

Yes you can.

ok i will check and have to backup my config i think :slight_smile:

sorry for all the questions! but can i just remove the old addon and install the new?
or do i need to backup all my settings?
is there a step by step upgrade path? dont want to repair al the devices again :smiley:

Make a backup (snapshot), remove the old add-on, install the new add-on.

Everything should be preserved.

thank you very much for the support :slight_smile: works now and the new ikea remote also is recognized!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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