New install, can't "Add to Lovelace" frontend pop-up error

I’ve needed to spin up a new instance of HomeAssistant (Unraid / VM using VMDK file), intial setup goes fine, however whenever I try to click ‘Add to Lovelace’ within a device view I get the blank popup error as screenshot below. Can’t see anything relevant in logs, have tried different browsers, different computer and a further fresh instance of the VM - all with same result. Has anyone got any ideas what might be causing this or how to fix?!

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Are you using a custom theme? Judging by your screenshot, I would expect the top ribbon to be blue. This leads me to believe there’s actually text in that box but it’s white. Totally a guess. If that browser is chrome, you can open F12 (developer) and view the element to read the text. Or just swap the theme back to the original theme.

No it’s a fresh install, if I compare it to my other installation it looks the same? It’s the emtpy popup that’s the issue, the only option is OK and it doesn’t do anything once pressed.

Are you using yaml mode or just regular? It could just be a bug, but if you’re using yaml mode, it wouldn’t work at all.

So I fixed it, I think I stumbled across a bug. It seemed to be linked to the default Homepage / View + the tab not being named (both of which fields are listed as optional). I happened to name both and it all magically started working. Weird.

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Ugh, I just ran into this as well. “Add to Lovelace” just pops up an empty dialog box.

I looked at your suggestion and my default view was simply the default “Overview” I set the default to another dashboard, ensured that the dash had a view and tab name, but I still get the empty dialog box instead of the entity being added.