New install, connection refused, raspberry pi5

New install on a Raspberry Pi 5. Did the image (2024.04.0) and on the Pi sd card, it boots showing the banner with the ip address and other info. If I go to the port 8123, I get site can’t be reached: connection refused. Go to the observe port 4357 and the page appears. I can ping the ip address and netcat also shows the connection refused.
No setup at all, issue happening on 1st run.

su logs shows that home assistant has crashed. I have not yet figured out how to share logs.
tried core rebuild and that returns an error (unknown, see supervisor)

Did you RTFM and make the image correctly with RP imager and select Other specific-purpose OS > Home assistants and home automation > Home Assistant?
Did you just download the image from github and try to use other??

Yep, did not work with the wrong way, working now with the right way.
Another factor might have been booting up the PI and then later making the static IP address in my router then rebooting the PI.