New install fails, constant DoT requests to Cloudflair

My install trashed itself today whilst updating the OS to v6.2, as in will not boot, nothing comes up when attaching a monitor to the unit. I’ve found this to be par for the course, as the core and OS update mechanism seem to be fundamentally flawed…, however, this is beside the point.

Downloaded the latest 6.2 image, flashed it, then booted it. I then get the nice screen saying " Preparing Home Assistant (this can take up to 20 minutes)"…, that was several hours ago.

Take a look in my newtork logs and I see 10 DoT requests to and every second coming from home assistant…, what the hell is this ? DoT is blocked on my network, but what the hell is it doing trying to resolve DNS requests this way (assuming thats what its actually doing). I see it also sending requests to my local DNS server that get resolved, so why this DoT C**P ?

That’s embedded in the Home Assistant DNS container that comes with the Home Assistant OS. It’s been in discussion for a long time now, see here and the github issues that are linked in this thread.

I’ve been writing software for almost 40 years now, but is never ceases to amaze me how idiotic developers can be:

   fallback REFUSED,SERVFAIL,NXDOMAIN . dns://
    cache 600

.:5553 {
    log {{ if not .debug }}{
        class error
    }{{ end }}
    {{ if .debug }}debug{{ end }}
    forward . tls:// tls:// {
        health_check 5m
    cache 600

What bright spark came up with this tragic piece of code ? If a DNS request fails for ANY reason, then goto a fallback, so if the fallback fails, hit the fallback again…, this explains 600 requests per minute coming from my HA instance. Genius…