New Install Help Please -

This is my last attempt to get Home Assistant running. I have two failed attempts prior to trying this All in One install. My biggest issue the last of documentation on the steps. The instructions on the site seem incomplete and disjointed at best. Here is my latest attempt and my setup.

New raspi install on on a RPi 2. I am using a Z-Stick gen 5 or trying to anyway but I have not even made it to the zwave configuration yet. I have done an All In One install of Home Assistant using the following and not run as sudo.

wget -Nnv && chown pi:pi && bash

I used this page for the install instructions: Getting started - Home Assistant

No errors appear during the installation.

After installation is completed and a reboot is not found.

Here is my installation-report.txt:

Fatal error: No existing session

Underlying exception:
No existing session

[localhost] Executing task ‘deploy’

Warning *
The primary use of this installer is for a new, unconfigured Home Assistant dep$
Running the installer command straight from the Getting Started guide$
Additional commands for upgrading should be run seperately. Please se$
Installer is starting…
Your Raspberry Pi will reboot when the installer is complete.
[localhost] sudo: apt-get update

Reading the All In One instructions it says the following:

Once rebooted, your Raspberry Pi will be up and running with Home Assistant. You can access it at http://your_raspberry_pi_ip:8123.

The Home Assistant configuration is located at /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant (or /home/hass/.homeassistant if installed prior to December 2016). The virtualenv with the Home Assistant installation is located at /srv/homeassistant/homeassistant_venv. As part of the secure installation, a new user (homeassistant) is added to your Raspberry Pi to run Home Assistant. This is a system account and does not have login or other abilities by design. When editing your configuration.yaml files, you will need to run the commands with sudo or by switching user.

This is the content of my /Home

pi@raspberrypi:~/fabric-home-assistant $ cd /home
pi@raspberrypi:/home $ ls
pi@raspberrypi:/home $ 

There isn’t even a home assistant directory located in /home.

If I try to change into the homeassistance user this obviously isn’t going to work. But here is the results.

pi@raspberrypi:/home $ sudo su -s /bin/bash homeassistant
No passwd entry for user 'homeassistant'
pi@raspberrypi:/home $ 

At this point I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I fought this same issue for 4 days before I posted on here a couple days ago. Someone told me to wait 30 mins after the install finished before trying to log in. I set a fresh install and went in did something else. came back in 3 hours and it logged right in.

I’ve noticed that when I do upgrades, it seems that if HA finds it needs a new package, it will download it in the background. It’s caught me a few times where things didn’t work exactly as I expected while that was going on. Hopefully that is what you are running into and why the “wait” time actually may make some sense especially on a new install.
But the lack of directories does trouble me.

I scrapped the all-in-one intall attempt. I am convinced it doesn’t. I did the manual install and it worked first time. I am marking this post complete.