New Install on Raspberry PI 3 B -- Bluetooth: hcio: BCM: command txt timeout

My first attempt at Home Assistant. I followed the instructions and put the Raspberry PI OS for Home Assistant on a new SD card, inserted into PI and started it up.

I am unable to login to it via web page. When I connect the HDMI to a monitor I can see the attached screenshot. It keeps looping indefinitely with Bluetooth error.

What do I do to solve this?

Hi and Welcome!

First I just want to confirm that you followed these instructions and picked the correct Raspberry Pi Device: Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant.

I bounced the PI twice and now I am getting:

Bluetooth: hcIO:Frame reassembly failed (-84)

Mark - Yes, I picked “Other specific-purpose OS” and then Home Assistant.
For device I chose Raspberry PI 3 B since that is what I have.

It appears a similar issue is logged on GitHub:

hci0: failed to start bluetooth. hci0: not found · Issue #3372 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub.

But it is not the same error. You might want to create a new issue.

I have the same error. I have the same RPI 3B. I am able to start and run HA from my laptop. The bluetooth error doesn’t seem to effect anything yet. I integrated three add-ons. I know two are working, the third I haven’t tried yet.

This error went away when I installed HA on a RPI4. I am not sure that was the difference tho. I also installed HA on a different LAN with a faster download speed and discoverable bluetooth entities.