New Install: Waiting for CLI to be ready


New Install on a Lenovo laptop using generic X86-64 method. Live Ubuntu USB and Balena-Etcher to write HAOS onto 256GB NVMe SSD.

Laptop is Ryzen R7, 16GB RAM

Followed instructions exactly and everything went exactly as expected. I boot up machine, which is connected to net on GB Ethernet.

Boot sequence appears to complete successfully and I end up with a single line, “Waiting for Home Assistant CLI to be ready”. It sits here indefinitely (been 24 hours now) and I’m on third attempt.

I’ve disabled all DNS filters and given machine raw internet. Router log shows the only request coming from HA machine is to every 10 minutes or so.


What does the syslog say?

Sorry, no idea. I got a black screen with that message and no response to input.

This help?. Seems /hassos-data failed?

Seems it’s reported as bug #2272 on GitHub. Be nice to find a workaround though.

Yes but I see some bios errror messages - regarding the clock - ?

I see that too, but hpet used when tsc error caught so shouldn’t be the issue?

Did find this though on Lenovo forums, English Community-Lenovo Community specifically about TSC and Linux kernel on Lenovo machines but as mentioned, HAOS switched to hpet so it should still boot.