New install web stuck at loading after copying over old config files

Hi Everyone,

I had a failure with my beagle-bone installation and have re-installed everything. I have copied over my config files and now when I try to load the web its stuck on “Connecting”

There don’t appear to be any relevant errors in my log file.

I have cleared my browser cache and also tried renaming my old .db file.

Any ideas for my next troubleshooting steps?

The fontend was re-written for .38. Clearing the cache and refreshing the browser seems to have corrected the issue for others. Some have also stated restarting the service helps as well. If on Safari, there are some seemingly more prominent issues being reported.

Thanks Kbeesness,

It seems a bit hit and miss. Depending on the browser some or none of the web seems to load correctly. I have tried clearing cache\cookies.

At least the underlying system seems to be working ok, it just seems to be a web interface issue.