New installation of HA on Qnap stuck with UTC time zone, help needed

I’ve installed the HA app via qpkg on my Qnap and all works except I cannot get the time zone changed from default UTC. When I specify America/Los Angeles, I get a popup showing the error below

If I add the settings to my config.yaml and uncommentd the time zone then the HA app does not load

If I re-comment with # then it loads but reverts to UTC.

Any help is very much appreciated, since I’m 2 yards from the finish line on getting HA installed and configured as I need.
Thanks in advance.

Don’t use the qpkg, it hasn’t been updated in years! Use a VM (with supervisor and add-ons) or the container (no supervisor and add-ons) as suggested in the other thread.

@Burningstone Ok but the version for the qpkg installation shows 2021.11.5
I was able to resurrect the VM installation and am now logged into the default lovelace panel
Info page shows Path to configuration.yaml: /config but I’m not clear on exactly what the directory path is on the Qnap to get to the config files.
Any thoughts?

As I said, install the samba add-on, connect to it from a remote computer and then you ahould be directly in the config folder.

Yes, the Samba addon work perfectly. Thank you for the guidance I very much appreciate it!