New installation on RBP 3B+ fails resulting in corrupt SD cards and USB stick


I downloaded haos_rpi3-64-9.0.img.xz and flashed it to an SD card.
The RBP 3B+ boots from the card and after a few minutes errors start to scroll on the screen.
The instance is not reachable in a web browser.
I tried 2 different cards and a USB thumb drive with the same result.
Error in screenshot below:
card never left busy state
unable to read directory block
unable to read metadata cache entry
… the list goes on and on…

UPDATE: I destroyed 2 SD cards and a USB stick. They cannot be formatted on Windows or MAC anymore. Tried diskpart and other tools. One card doesn’t even appear in the explorer anymore. On the USB stick I see 8 partitions but I cannot remove these or format the drive. Is this RBP defective?