New integration configured: weather.br_unknown_station

while before I used a name in the Buienradar weather integration, I decided to take that out, and get a weather.buienradar integration name.

Upon restart though the integration has made this


while at the same time its friendly_name is: BR Woensdrecht (6340) proving it does know which station it is using.
So, this comes across as a double bug:

it really should have named the integration weather.buienradar, (like the other integrations giving the correct name to weather.openweathermap and weather.dark_sky),

or, if it really should have used the station name in its name, weather.br_woensdrecht.

Aynone with a suggestion? Of course I can simply rename it We can not simply rename it, (in .storage btw, or in the entity editor, see the image) but why would this buienradar be handled differently from the rest?

thanks for having a look

yes, I did see, but the name doesnt change…