New integration in development, Solax cloud

Just to get it out there:

Currently im working on an integration for Solax inverters to pull data from the cloud.
My work is ready to be released for beta user:
See my repositories here:
API wrapper:


Development step are:
Get is into hacs, use it there for a while, get feed back, update, get it as an offical HA integration.

There are still some open points for the integration, help is welcome.
Currently the integration is tested with a Solax X3 hybrid inverter, so more inverter types are welcome.


I’d love to help you test this integration! Could you please share some instructions to get started?


@frank8the9tank Just tried installing the integration through HACS and got the following error:
Config-flow kon niet geladen worden: {"message":"Invalid handler specified"}

I have made 2 small changes, can you redownload the integration trough hacs?


That is much better!

Next step for me is to figure out where exactly you can acquire an API-token.
On the cloud portal (Solax Cloud System) I don’t see any API-related sections. I’ll contact the installer to see if they need to give me more access in the portal.
I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Use the PocketLAN or PocketWiFi serial number, NOT the inverter serial number.
  2. Obtain Token from the Solax Cloud website
    Old interface:
    Service → API → API: Real-time display → TokenID
    New interface:
    Support → Third-party ecology → API: Real-Time Display → TokenID