New Integration: Inception Alarm System

I’ve recently got an InnerRange Inception alarm/access control system, and they have a full REST API.

Im trying to work on it myself but its not really my forte, is there anything that looks similar that i could use as a starting point or anything ? Everything seems to use a python library which this doesn’t have ?



I’m definitely interested in this two for either inception or integriti . I believe there is a way to send packets or messages to a IP and port was thinking if payload was altered to match mqtt format this could work but I haven’t had a chance to try and test

Have you had a look at these?

Hey, the API documentation i have ,and linked it.

Its making a Home Assistant plugin etc and all the entities and what not that i don’t know how to do.

I was hoping maybe someone could help , or get it started or something and then i could fill it out.

Im not too sure.

It is a fully fleshed out API though, its great.

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I agree, would love to get an integration going but its also beyond my skills

Any idea where to go from here?

I’ve created a docker container that interfaces with HA via MQTT:


Thanks so much for this, I’ll check it out… Is there a reason you did it via MQTT and not directly as an integration in HA ?

Yeah it could be integrated directly into HA. I like the idea of keeping HA really lightweight (quick to restart and low risk of crashes). Since security is so critical, having it separated let’s you easily monitor/debug the integration.

Hey Matt, loving the look of this integration. I am building soon and working out what integration and automation I can achieve. I like the look of the Inception alarm.

With this plugin, is it able to see the state of individual zones, ie PIRs , reeds ect?

Also it looks like it just polls the API every minute instead of sitting and waiting for state change. Ideally, I am looking for somthing that is pretty quick. Ie open the pantry door and within a few seconds, the light is turned on. Am I right in saying it only polls every minute?

Well I had a bit more of a look at the code and I see you are long polling. Nice which means things should be responsive. Good job on the code!!!

Will the docker mqtt work with integriti basically same comms as inception

Hey man i’m not the best at docker, so im trying to install it, i want to put it on the same Pi4 as my hassos, i can get it to run on my local computer, (although homeassistant doesn’t pick it up), but do you know how i can go about using portainer or ssh into the OS Host to run this in parallel with the hass docker?

Even point me to relevant articles, i can’t seem to find specifics about running docker inside hassos.


I’d recommend using docker-compose. You’ll need to SSH in to run this. I’ve provided an example docker-compose file in the

Yeh i did that, but i wasn’t sure how i edit the config file when i created it on the system, since it wont actually start the container.

I did try and do as much myself… and everything i read about editing files from a container involve the container running to edit them. Im not sure if its not running because of the config, or if theres another reason its not running.

hmm, not too sure about that setup. Try docker-compose up in the root directory from SSH.

docker compose doesn’t exist in ssh for hassio :frowning: or if it does i need to find the path for it ?

Not sure sorry. I don’t use hassio. I use HomeAssistant core in docker. I use docker-compose to run everything.

It seems i’m at a point that i can’t use the MQTT functionality its erroring and dont know enough about Typescript ?, MQTT or docker to fix it.

Very excited to see others having the same idea as me! I had my Inception set up about a year ago and was starting my HA journey when unfortunately I had to remove the system and move house :confounded::gun:
I have installed a few inceptions at work with high level integration with Crestron but didn’t get a chance to test my system out with HA.
I was hoping to have area arm/disarm, PIRs and reeds trigger lights/scenes.
The inception seems to be the perfect system for HA with its API so I’m really looking forward to have a play around with it.
I am using my time at Christmas to jump back on HA and finally get my Inception running with it so will definitely be keeping an eye on any updates here!
Would be great if Inner Range got an actual integration! Especially since NESS has one!

I’m getting an inception system installed soon, then I’ll give a shot at converting @mattl’s great code into an add-on for us folk using home assistant OS ( / supervised.
It’s already a docker program which is what add-ons are under the hood, will just need to remove the mqtt stuff and map to HA alarm / sensor entities.