New integration request

I know this is probably a not so used one, but if we could have an integration for a Smart Pod from Intelligent Water Care. That would be great. I have asked the company direct but no reply, it is a pod that floats in the Hot tub and sends chemical results to the phone.

This sound like it is a closed system, where the spa device will connect directly to the cloud server and so will the app.
The communication is typically encrypted and without an API it is impossible to integrate.

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Could be bluetooth too. Like the similar functionality of the yieryi ble-yc01 Pool Monitor Device Yieryi BLE-YC01

Looking at the packaging off the product on their website there is a WiFi and Bluetooth symbol.
Bluetooth might be the way, but looking through their support documents it seems to BT and BLE, so it will be harder to crack.

I am very new to all of this, but yes there is Bluetooth involved as every now and then it asks you to get near to it to refresh the settings, I have Bluetooth repeaters around the house, would putting one in the Spa room help?

Well you’d have to decode the bluetooth messages. No harm in putting an esphome device in there to see what it is seeing.

It would only make a difference if someone have hacked the communication.
The issue is if it is regular BlueTooth then it is a two way communication and that means a predefined protocol that you would have to figure out. The hard thing here is that each communication sent can be depending on the previous one, which makes it quite complex to decode. On top of that it can also have added encryption.

If it was Bluetooth Low Energy, then it would typical be one simple message sent unencrypted.
This communication can easily be eavesdropped on and then it is just guessing the places in the communication for the different values.
The BLE integeration would be able to do this.

Did you have to pair your phones BlueTooth with the device ?

No it all seems pretty open, once one phone has the app you share it with other phones using a QR code, there was no actual pairing, and most of the time you access it through the Wi-Fi.

The question is if you can access the device directly through WiFi and not through the app or some homepage on the internet.
If that is not an option, then drop an ESP device with a BT proxy set up and see what the BLE integration can catch.

Hi @itnassol I just bought one of these too.
I just discovered that it’s a rebranded Ondilo unit.

I tried the HA integration and it works great. Used my smartpod account and it logged right in.

Genius, brilliant, thank you.

Pity it has to involve the cloud.

Agreed, I have kind of resolved myself to the fact that there will be one or two cloud integrations, for me as long as they are not the important ones, and the pH of the hot tub is nice to know but I am happy with local control of lights, heating , doors etc.

If anyone has one of these… I might be able to help to reverse engineer the Bluetooth on one of these. Sadly I’m not dropping hundreds of pounds/dollars to help someone out… but I might be able to help remotely