New iOS 10 features

UPDATE: Build has been uploaded, waiting for beta app review.

I know the old beta version just expired. A new build should be going up today. Here’s some new features to look forward to:

  • Notification attachment support - Send an image URL in the push payload, it will appear as an attachment which will display at full resolution when the notification is expanded. Obviously this has GIF support already. I plan to add support for video shortly (think about this: someone is at the front door, send a video of them to your phone with actions to lock/unlock the door!)
  • Notification content extension - Sending a notification related to a location? Now you can show a dynamic map in the notification content. I plan to add another extension for displaying a new vs old entity state in a push.

Also a view for a realtime camera:

  • Custom push sound support - Upload your own push notification sounds via iTunes.
  • Offline support - Now everything is stored in a local database so that you can use the app when offline.
  • Improved location settings - You can enable/disable zone enter/exit updates sent to Home Assistant as well as notifications
  • Tabs can actually be reordered and will save order between launches.
  • General stability fixes - Fixed quite a few bugs
  • Swift 3
  • iOS 10 compatible

Obviously I strongly recommend upgrading to iOS 10. The new notification features won’t work with iOS 9. Everything else (should) however.

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Is this using native Apple code or something like Xamerin so it can be cross platform from the beginning.

It uses Swift which is currently limited to iOS and OS X. I personally have no plans to make an Android or other platform app.

Are you going to be adding more people to the beta? I signed up a month or two ago and am still hoping to get in to be a part of the beta process.

iOS 10 updates look great!

I add people to the beta whenever a new build goes out. One should be going out today, so you should get in today.

Awesome, thanks!

So looking forward to the new build… Push notifications was the main reason I wanted a native app, since Mobile Safari still does not have web push notifications.

The improvements for iOS 10 messages look unbelievable! :smiley:

Bad news gang, the new build has to go through Beta App Review. Hopefully it happens quickly but you never know, especially since iOS 10 just came out and a lot of apps are putting out updates. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Build went through. Lots of bugs went through too. :frowning:

Will have a release with quite a few fixes tonight hopefully.

For now, if you are a new user, after saving you need to force quit the app for anything to show up.

I had to rush this one out the door because we had an expired build and I didn’t want to leave people hanging.


Where do I find the token to add into the notification configuration entry?

Once you have enabled notifications (the dialog pops up when you start up the app for the first time, make sure to hit Enable Notifications first because of a bug) you’ll see a new settings entry which is grayed out. In the below screenshot it starts with a943...

Yeah, I can’t use the app at all right now, it keeps giving me the “Connection Error” and telling me it can not connect to my home assistant. Same URL that I had on the previous version, but no matter what, always tells me it can not connect to home assistant. URL has been verified, and it worked fine on the pervious version. Hopefully that can be fixed soon as I can’t even get into the app at this point.

My URL is an https address without a port number… just https://<mydomain> which is forwarding through nginx to my internal address.

Notifications are working great!

I am having issues with items actually showing up in the app, though. I have about 15 lights, several switches, and a bunch of sensors in my instance of HASS, yet only a couple of lights and switches show up in the app. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

I’m aware of the bug that is causing your issue and will have a fix tonight.

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Would you mind jumping on Gitter with me for some 1-on-1 debugging?

Sure, on there now

Did you find any solution for this? Having the same problem right now

If you can’t connect with an https:// address, it could be that you are using a self-signed certificate, which will not work with the app. It has to do with Apple, so @robbiet480 has no control over that.

If it is not a self-signed certificate, then it is a separate issue than mine, so you will have to ask @robbiet480 about it.

Yep. It’s a Let’s Encrypt cert. That is weird issue.