New IOS HA app and new update 0.102.3 not working

I have a couple issue just after the new IOS update. I can’t access my HA from outside using LTE.
I used the myID.dns.or on the external link but it would not take it.
I try updating the the lawyer update but my HA revert to 0.91.4 my last update.
I lost my IOS notification
What is going on. Please help.

The app requires HA 0.95 - you need to upgrade.

Somehow when I upgrade it would not upgrade. I don’t know why. !it remains at .91

Anybody know if this can be moved or hidden?

I can’t do a lot of things in the app because I can’t hit the save button…

mine is the opposite. It only shows for like 0.5 second when launching the app then it’s hidden.

That settings wheel only shows when the app has connection problems to your instance.

Likely even if you could hit the save button you’d only be doing it on a cached copy of your frontend…

Any idea how do I get HA to update.

Thanks bro! You were absolutely correct. I reset the app and logged back in and it’s gone! Much appreciated!

If you’re running Hassio, have a look at the instructions here, this tends to work if the UI upgrader doesn’t you’ll need SSh set up

sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. How do I know if I have the upgrader. How do I do it from SSH