New ISP, so I've screwed it up

Hi All,

I’ve just switched ISP and forgot to document anything regarding my Ha setup.

I have it running on a Raspberry Pi with SSD in an Argon One case. I also had it with remote access with port forwarding on the router (but no longer with that ISP).
I do have some goggle drive backup’s.
Is there a way I can get things running again, connecting a screen, wired ethernet to my computer or ssh?
I’d be most grateful for some advice.

If you still have the old router, plug the new router in to the WAN port of it and it should all be the same.

HA should still be fine, but you need to set up the access through the new router, like port forward and firewall rules.
Then when you are up and running with internet access, then you can update settings in other places, such as dynamic DNS providers.

Hi Guys,

@Tromperie, @WallyR

Thank you both for your replies and advice.

I think I’m back in business again.

I did as @Tromperie states and rewired with both the routers together then as @WallyR states to re-establish the ports.

It’s working on port 8123, but I have an error when checking port 443, but I’ll looking to this further before asking for any again. It’s working and that’s the main thing.

So a big,


— to you both for you help.

I’m very grateful.


What error do you get on port 443?

Remember that if you use Let’s Encrypt for certificates, then it runs on domain names and will fail on IPs with a warning that the certificate does not match the host.

Hi @WallyR

I re-followed parts of the guide from Lewis @ Everything Smart Home;

What happened was I couldn’t get my HA instance up on my desktop computer or phone.

Once I got access to both routers and found the details I needed, + I remembered ‘in part’ how I did it previously (following the guide above), I went into my new router and entered the port forwarding details, along with the ip address for my HA device (RPi), although the ip address had changed. So I entered the new ip address.

I went to and tested port 8123 and 443, Success with 8123 but Error with 443;

Error: I could not see your service on on port (443)
Reason: Connection refused

So I currently have access to my HA instant through my desktop, but not my phone.

This could be down to the cheap router sent from my new ISP (only 2 ethernet ports), so looking at purchasing a new router/modem.

The main thing is I now have access to my HA instance via my desktop, whereas I didn’t after switching my ISP.

It’s my own fault, I should have thought this through, and better.