New “Location” entity

So I’ve been playing with some of the new mmWave sensors like the everything-presence-one/lite and some other esp-based ones.

I noticed that for all of these, the configuration menu and the sensor values are just so intensely populated. I thinks this all steam from needing to have at least 2 numeric sensor entities representing location and 1 for binary sensor for prescense detection. Which when you can support 3 or more target tracking results in 9 entities (and then some additional entities for configuration).

What’s worst is also the fact that is replicated for the zones. So you end up with like 20+ entities for a single sensor device. Making the whole configuration really complicated even for techies like myself.

I think that if home assistant actually supported new entity types (domains) for these use cases it would help simplify things a lot.

What I purpose is a “2dpoint” and “3dpoint” entity. Whose state would be either a nullable (x,y) point and a nullable (x,y,z) point.

So for example a device like the every-prescence-lite would have about a third of its entities rewritten to:


Where the state of these will be “null” if no target is detected or a 2d array representing the x/y coordinate if something is detected.

The next idea would be to define helper entities “location” which would basically constitute of a combination of two “points”. This way we can move the “is the target in a location?” logic To home assistant. Leaving the possibility for someone to fill in the UI gap for location generation.

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