New media player platform to support Blackmagic Smart Videohub matrixes

Bit of a niche market, but I’ve written a rough interface for the Blackmagic Videohub API.

Blackmagic make nice SDI video matrixes among other professional broadcast gear

This component allows selecting the input to display on each output; and can be used with the universal media player platform to allow controlling the power/volume etc of a TV then routing the correct source to it through the Blackmagic - saves someone having to use a remote to control the TV then another device to select the source.

You can find the Smart Videohub platform here

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Great work! Very interested in this. We have two 40x40 video hubs at my work. I’ve been looking for an excuse to bring home assistant into the office as a nice user friendly front end for controlling the video hubs. I’m not able to test this yet, but do you know if the API and what you made is similar to the API for the hyperdecks? I currently have a 3000line applescript controlling them both for running our live tv shows. Love to simplify that with some node red in home assistant.

I had a very quick play with this custom component and was not able to get it to be recognised by my HA. I was just seeing if it would work with my ATEM Mini Pro? Before I start spending hours looking at it. Will this work?
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Been trying to get this to work in my setup. I have everything installed per the documentation but I keep getting the error “The system cannot restart because the configuration is not valid: Platform error media_player.smartvideohub - Integration ‘smartvideohub’ not found.” Any assistance is much appreciated.

Did you ever have any luck with this?

Sorry I haven’t kept the repo updated with local changes for Home Assistant updates - I’ll update it shortly

May no longer be relevant for you, but I’ve pushed an update to jnimmo/hass-smartvideohub: Home Assistant integration for the Blackmagic Smart Videohub (

You should also be able to add this repository to install via HACS if you are using HACS.

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Nice, thanks! Got it working now.

Just come accross this and it looks great - exactly what im after. However when i install via hacs i get an error in the logs saying:
“AttributeError: module ‘asyncio’ has no attribute ‘coroutine’”

Any suggestions?