*NEW* mmwave human presence sensor from Xiaomi, on BATTERY 🔋

I just found this new mmwave presence sensor from Xiaomi! Apparently will be their 3rd such sensor and their 1st that is battery powered?! Does anyone knows anything about it? I am very interested

People Presence Sensor

Here is the entire article: Xiaomi unveils new “People Presence Sensor” with millimeter-wave, 3 years of battery life (gizmochina.com)
What bothers me is this line:

Notably, the sensor is advertised as being able to accurately detect people even when they are not moving, as long as there is constant lighting.
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always curious on new presence items. Below from chinese translated:
The bluetooth mesh thing is unknown to me

*The sensor must be facing the human chest and within the effective static detection range.

*To link other smart devices, you need to use devices that support the Bluetooth Mesh gateway function, such as Xiaoai speakers, Xiaomi smart hub gateways, and Xiaomi smart multi-mode gateways 2. Linked devices and gateway devices need to be purchased separately.

*The sensor detection range is “water drop-shaped”. 6 meters and 4 meters both refer to the farthest distance of the coverage range. The detection range does not support adjustment through software.

*The 3-year battery life is calculated by the Gewu Laboratory test in an environment of 25°C based on the situation that the measured area changes from occupied to unoccupied or unoccupied to occupied 240 times a day and 300 illumination messages are reported. The specific battery life is subject to actual usage.

*To remotely view the presence sensor status, logs, 24-hour light records, and receive notifications, you need to use a device with Bluetooth Mesh gateway function, such as Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10. More supported devices can be found on the Mijia APP - >hub and gateway->i in the upper right corner->View in product encyclopedia. Gateway devices and smart devices linked to human presence sensors need to be purchased separately.

*The above notes may be updated from time to time. You can check the latest content in the product’s Settings - Help and Feedback in the Mijia APP.

*The base of this product comes with adhesive tape, but if you want to paste the main unit directly on the wall, you need to prepare the adhesive tape yourself.

oh carp, is Bluetooth based, not Zigbee, Matter or Thread, not even Wi-Fi. Well, and if there are no additional settings to adjust the coverage then it won’t be as useful as I was hoping. Thanks for the information. As I saw Xiaomi I had high hopes but then now I dont think this will be any useful at least to me.

Just stumbled over this battery powered zigbee mmwave sensor:

Just ordered one, with about 15€ delivering to germany it is really cheap. Should arrive in june, the lets see how it goes.

I ordered three based on the article. From what I’ve tested they are not good. If you sit still they stop detecting you.

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Same here, based on the review I ordered 1 for the restroom. It does work (kind of) but is not very stable. There are sometimes false negatives, but no false positives.

Ended up buying 3 of those, also after reading that article. However, I’m having issues with the state on one and have noticed that cam fail to detect me if I sit still enough (though with some movements they do work for me reliable or at least worked).

I got 2 up now, one works… one worked, just moved it 0.5m and now it keep getting stuck on LARGE detection and not turning to STATIC anymore (very strange). No solution so far, deleted it and it rejoin my Z2M and battery reset also not sorting it. Very frustrated, was hoping for some sort of firmware update but not seen any and not even sure where to look for it.

I have a strong suspicion that these sensors are the reason that my Zigbee network has been unstable. I’ve had trouble with random devices dropping off the network in the 12-24 hour range. After I removed the single ZG-204ZM I had paired with my Zigbee2MQTT network (UZG-01 coordinator) I haven’t had a single dropout in about 48 hours. Will monitor and update after a while.