NEW mmwave human presence sensor

I just found this new mmwave presence sensor.

Here is the link to purchase on AliExpress

Does anyone has information on it, has it been tested? Thanks

Did you read the comments on that page ? One comment said he could not get it to work in ZHA with or without custom quirk

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I did read it, indeed. However ZHA is pretty bad in this matter for MMwave sensors. I have around 10 in my apartment and they all run in Zigbee2MQTT, they receive support there withing a month or less. That is exactly why my main network is ZHA as is more simple, and Z2M for everything else that does not run on ZHA.

So just go on the | Zigbee2MQTT page and look up the model number there

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I dont know its model number

Then I’m afraid no one can answer your question accurately.
Even if someone had bought a sensor which looks just like it, the model number might be different & would require it’s own custom converter or quirk.

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Seems Z2M is not working correctly with that device: Support for ZN494622_01 Includes working converter -24Ghz Presence detection · Issue #21328 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub
(the model number is in the AliExpress page)

If you need a cheap present sensor that does integrate with Ha:
Probably not as good as the aquara one. But works on battery…

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I already got it. ITs not so good to be honest. I have it in my restroom to turn the lights and the fan. Works so so… not my favorite. Looking for better.

I have my doubts about battery powered mmWave in general but perhaps combined with PIR it could work if implemented well… the PIR setting off the initial motion sense and lights on, then the mmWave keeping the presence active and of course the device until the person leaves… it would not/should not be set off by small moving objects like cats or blowing drapes and in theory the batty should last a while given only the PIR must stay only constantly. I’m curious what your experience was with the combo PIR/mmWave battery powered model?

I ended up making my own combo unit built into, and powered by, a nightlight that has USB ports so it’s got internal 5v, looks and works great provided your outlet is in a good location :wink: