New mode of input_number: with plus & minus buttons

This new mode would allow to make changes which are small, precise and fast

More examples of this new design:

Current modes don’t allow this:

slider (default): if we have many values it is difficult to choose proper one
box: need to enter number by keyboard, which takes unnecessary time

It could work for volume too, which is often fiddly (and tends to bring opprobrium when set too jumpily).

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I would also love to see a plus minus increment card for number_input. Slider is pretty much useless in tablet or phone to make precise adjustments. I have done basic solution using scripts, but this is a very clumsy method indeed, yet it works:

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I have created my first plugin as I could not find it anywhere.


@htmltiger how could I use this with a media player if the volume level is an attribute?

can I use a script to increase/decrease another entity ( a counter) ?