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New Nello API (Webhook)


I was in contact with the nello Team today. It was about the integration of nello into home Assistant.
They told me, that the integration today is handled by a request of the activity feed, which only is send every 30 seconds. Thats why the bell_ring event is so slow.
But since july 2018 there is a Public Webhook API Link.
I‘m not capable of programming this.
Can someone create a new component which works with this API?

A day after I opend this thread, the customer service of nello opend an issue on github by themselve.
It would be great to get this integration!

Nello Event won't trigger

I also tested the nello platform with the bell ring deley. Is there a update with the new API? Any information about it?


Nothing new…
I ask for an update some Time ago, but it was ignored.


Ok thanks for your answere


I guess there are not a lot of people using this, so no developer on it. :frowning:
I turned off the component cause it’s quite useless at the moment and keeps giving a bunch of errors.