New NetDaemon Release: Use C# to automate Home Assistant

Great news for Home Assistant users who’s preferred way of coding is C#: NetDaemon has just released a new version of their open source platform that allows you to use C# 10 for .Net 6 to write your applications or automations for Home Assistant.

This release includes a new API called HassModel which makes it easier than ever to interact with Home Assistant from .Net. It generates strong typed interfaces based on the entities in your own Home Assistant instance, their attributes and all available services and their parameters. Intellisense can be used to discover all your entities and available services directly from your IDE.

Check out the documentation and how to get started with NetDaemon

This project is not affiliated with Home Assistant, but leverages our open API.

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The power of open APIs. I wish everyone understood that!


This looks interesting indeed

This is awesome! Now so decide whether I want to rewrite all my YAML automations to C#… I might test one or two first :wink:

If you love C# (and why wouldn’t you), you NEED this add-on.

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We are waiting for the same for Java and Kotlin. Since the future belongs to Kotlin, Google actively supports it.

ya no…

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Nice project, I’m happy for the C# developers. But is there currently anything similar for Java?

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I’m happy with pyscript. Much easier to use than pythonscript.


nothing gets done if everyone waits for someone else to do the work :wink:
the (HomeAssistant) API is open … so what are you waiting for ?

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I wrote to Kotlin developers to make it compile to Python, so I waiting them [Idea] Python backend - #13 by krzema12 - Multiplatform - Kotlin Discussions And when it will be ready, it will be easy to make Java translation to Python also, because Kotlin developers also develop Java to Kotlin convertor.

You guys want to take your off topic discussion to another thread? This thread is not about Java or Kotlin, rather the good and hard work the NetDaemon developers have put in to deliver C# automation to HomeAssistant.

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This project is fantastic! I love seeing it being kept up to date so quickly! Keep up the great work all!!

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