New Network IP's - Energy Dashboard shows strong minus values for PV generation


I have the problem that in my Energy view strong minus values appear - last year in spring I had this already once.
Today it happened again. My PV shows -16.000kwh generation.

I had actually changed something:
There is a new Mesh-Wifi installed, which has changed the IP range of all devices.
I had to adjust the modbus proxy as well as the addons. (solaredge, evcc, …)
The energy display uses a fixed total kwh for the PV (sensor.solaredge_ac_energy_kwh - currently ~54.000kwh).
So I don’t understand this swing with -16,000kwh as there should be no swings due to the fixed total?
The device was offline for ~60h until I adjusted the configuration.

Is there any way to clean up this energy view?

Thanks a lot