New network - OpenZWave (Beta) or ZWave integration

I am in the process of migrating from OpenHAB to Home Assistant, I just have my ZWave and 433.33MHz devices to go.

Not having used ZWave with Home Assistant before do I choose the ZWave integration or the OpenZWave (Beta) integration?

Is the OpenZWave option the future of ZWave in Home Assistant or will both options live on?

Thanks for your advice.

The standard Zwave will be around for a while but the OZW Beta will eventually likely take over.

The good news is that the old zwave integration works fairly well but is based on the older OZW 1.4 and so it doesn’t have all of the newest fetures of OZW 1.6. And it won’t ever be updated.

OZW beta is just that, Beta. So it’s not fully complete yet and there could be breaking changes coming before it is complete and not all devices are fully supported yet.

So, bottom line, it depends.

If you don’t need OZW 1.6 and don’t want to deal with breaking changes until OZW is no longer beta then use the built-in integration (I’m using that right now myself and have been for 3 years).

If you really need OZW 1.6 and don’t mind breaking changes and all of your devices are supported by OZW beta then it will be best to just start off on that to prevent needing to switch over later.

However, I’ve heard from a reliable source that there is a migration protocol in the works so hopefully the later migration won’t be too painful.