New NUC, new to HA, Linux etc. What order should I install everything for HASSOS on Proxmox and Frigate?

Hi Everyone,
As the title suggests, I’m going in pretty blind!
My NUC is in the mail so need to set up HASSOS via Proxmox and also Frigate.
Frigate recommends not using a VM, but rather a docker container. I have a Coral, and understand docker is recommended to eliminate friction on USB being read by a VM.
As such, my plan of attack is to get Debian, and then from there install Proxmox (and get HASSOS from that) and then create a container on Debian for Frigate.
Does this sound like the right thing to do? Is there anything I’m missing or any way to make it easier?

Docker is also recommended as installing frigate as an addon limits the recordings to only be able to be stored on the main system drive. Through docker it is trivial to have the recordings stored on a network share or other drive.

Your approach sounds correct and should work well.

Thank you. I have a NAS too and was definitely looking at having recordings stored there, so thanks for highlighting that as I was not aware!

I went with debian and supervised install.
A year later everything is working fine.