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Hi everyone
So I tried HA about 2 years ago and got frustrated and overwhelmed so I used my PI for something else…Octoprint…We I’ve been learning about HA now for sometime and figuring it out…So I came back…I’m not happy with SmartThings lately and I see once I break that habit, everyone in here is so happy with the system…I may try and run both for a few since I see they can work together but I ultimately seeing my self moving to HA.

HA has advanced a lot in the last 2 years so your revisited experience should be a lot better.

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Welcome back.

Leave the pi on octoprint and get a low level amd64 (ie a 64 bit computer like you might run widows/linux on).

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I came from homeseer, I moved 1 device at a time to keep things functioning and was able to complete in about 20 hours of work. I used brute force and stupidity on alot of the automations to get them up and have been correcting as I go. This helped with the Wife Approval Factor (WAF). Lovelace is a dream compared to HomeSeer Assistant.

HA is great software, the support community is incredible, and the breadth of integrations is mind boggling.

some things that have helped me

All states are strings.
Devices have entities.
Entities have states and let you do things.
Read the FAQ before posting questions - it’s important.

Some hard things
yaml is Turing complete so it is a programming language
yaml is picky
yaml is powerful
There are a plethora of integrations both integratible and embedded.

Good luck - I am so glad I made the switch.


Welcome back.

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Checkout the Smartthings integration, it will bring all your Smartthings devices into Home Assistant as entities. It let me switch over and learn gradually by running both together for awhile.

A few former Smartthings users shared their experience on this thread

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This is awesome…I was a little worried about the change over…I just got my PI4 up and running so Im about to get this party started!..