New Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus without hue bridge?

I’m about to get some Philips Hue lights and i’m wondering if it’s possible to integrate these into HA without having to buy the hue bridge?

It’s the Philips Hue Lightsrip Plus, has anyone tried these? They seems to be a rather new release.

I don’t know this specific lightstrip, but I use lots of hue bulbs with Home Assistant. I assume these lights will also use ZigBee to communicate, therefore you need to have a hub. Or do they usr bluetooth ot something else to communicate?

However you don’t need the hue bridge, you can use other ZigBee coordinators such as the ConBee II stick or a Nortek Z-Wave/ZigBee stick, which will also allow you to integrate devices from other manufacturers such as Xiaomi door sensors. I can highly recommend this route (I use the ConBee II), especially if you are going to need a hub anyway.

I forgot to mention i do have a Conbee II, that was the whole premise why i wanted to know if i still needed the bridge, sorry about that.

Great answer, that’s exactly what i wanted to know :slight_smile:
However will i be able to change the dimming/colors etc directly from HA without the hue bridge?

Yes, you will.

I wasn’t sure because HA had a whole guide on how to integrate the hue bridge, but thanks for clearing things up guys, greatly appreciated!