New ping integration - how to find/change the entities IP address

How do I find/change the entities IP address with the new ping integration?

Was easy to see with the old YAML entry, but now I cannot find the IP address the ping entity is using?

I haven’t updated to the latest HA yet so mine are still configured via yaml but…

If the integration page doesn’t give you that info after you have configured the entry then the only other way I know of that you could see that info is to open the core.entity_registry file that is contained in a (hidden) .storage folder in your config directory and look for that ping entity entry.

Be sure not to edit that file unless you really know what you are doing (and even then make a backup that you can access if you mess it up) because messing it up can kill your HA system.

It seems like a pretty big oversight if that info isn’t provided in the integration UI.

Settings – Devices & Services – Ping (ICMP) – Configure (for whichever entry you want to change/check)