New possible HA user, what to buy?

Hello all.
I am new to the world of home automation.
I now have a google home, and a nest doorbell. and a rooted tone.and solar panels

But want to start buying more “smart devices” and then automate them with HA.
Like lights/switches and in the future maybe more.

Now I have looked at Homey(sorry) but I was not treated very well there on the forum with my questions.

The lighting I want to buy will be from Ikea/Philips.

I would like to have the Thermostat (tone) run a different program when no one is home.
I would like to have the lights turn on at certain times when we are not home.
I want certain switches to turn on in a certain situation. (washing machine on when the sun shines?)

Who can help me out with what hardware I should purchase?
Preferably an all in one solution.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


I don’t see any cameras in your list, so
not AIO :

  • a pi 4
  • a SSD
  • a Zigbee dongle like a CC2625x

more AIO :

  • a HA Blue
  • a Zigbee dongle like a CC2625x

Zigbee dongle is to control your Ikea/Philips lights and ’ certain switches’