New Project: hass-scripts, aka: NodeRed without the GUI (WIP)


If you’re like me, you’d like a way to write automations without YAML and Home Assistant Restarts, however, the GUI of Node Red is not ideal for the way you work.

Introducing hass-scripts (

This is the fork of the great mqtt-scripts ( with Home Assistant support shoved in.

It’s not elegant, feature complete, stable, or well tested. But I always feel like code is better shared ASAP, so that more people can benefit and contribute. PRs WELCOME!

Right now, once configured and running, the Syntax looks like this:

hass.on('state:input_boolean.test1', (state) => {;
  var service;
  if(state.new_state.state == 'off') {
    service = 'turn_off';
  } else {
    service = 'turn_on';
    domain: 'input_boolean',
    service: service,
    service_data: {
      entity_id: 'input_boolean.test2',