New Proxmox install can't access local network devices

I just followed this guide to setup a new Home Assistant VM in Proxmox:

It mostly went smoothly - I can access HA with the correct IP from my computer, and I can access the Proxmox web interface. Both have a DHCP lease with the correct MAC/IP in my router.

The issue that I’m having is that HA can’t seem to connect to other devices on my local network. Zigbee and Zwave work great and so do cloud devices, but I can connect to local network devices (e.g. Shelly):

I cannot ping any of the devices from HA or Proxmox even though they are on the same local network.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

Hi Eric, you might want to give your Proxmox and HA a fixed IP to prevent issues in the future.
Can you ping the other devices on your LAN from Proxmox/HA?

Thank you for the reply. Both Proxmox and HA have fixed IP addresses and I cannot ping other devices on my LAN from either.

But this is not your problem now.

I guess they are both on the same subnet, what about the firewall in Promox?
I haven’t watched that video, so I don’t know how he has setup Proxmox and HA but you might also have a look at Proxmox VE Helper-Scripts & Other News