New robot vacuum (MIGO Ascender) is potentially locally controlled

Hi folks, I just got an email response from MIGO robotics stating their new stair climbing robot vacuum can be locally controlled and does not require a cloud connection for operation. If true this would be very cool. There are not any others (aside from the “bump and run” dumb variety) that have anything close to local control out of the box right?

I emailed them back and encouraged them to reach out to the devs if they have not done so and to think about exposing their API. Anyone interested should also email them to show that there is interest for a flagship robot vacuum that ticks all the boxes that the HA crowd asks for.

You can see the product here -

Let them know that if they make their vacuum easy to integrate that they will make a lot of friends/sales from this community.

Roomba’s work locally, talking directly to the vacuum. In fact I’ve been blocking all internet access to my vacuums ever since Amazon was poised to acquire them, still am because they’ve made it clear that their biggest selling point is having a detailed map of everyone’s house. I’ve not had any negative issues with blocking them, other than maps not saving, but I don’t care because I just want it to vacuum the house :slight_smile:

Now that you say that I think I have actually heard that before about roombas. I guess I was thinking more in terms of local function of all features. I appreciate a persistent map that I can reference to automate vacuuming near the litterbox and food bowls, under the bed where the cats sleep etc.

The gist I got from the email response was nothing would be limited based on internet connection.

I’m thinking to buying one. I think it can already locally controlled because of Matter support.

That vacuum looks amazing, but I would not want to be on the first generation of it. That and the base station is fairly massive too, and it’s pretty expensive.