New RPi4 with hassio not seen on router: no ip-address

installation of a new RPi4 went smoothly as hoped for. My other HA instances see it immediately as device_tracker.hassio-2, so I know the netwerk is working just fine.

Installed Samba, SSH, Duckdns and IDE to get going.
It sees my Tradfri setup, Google Cast and Philips Hue.

There no way though I can see an ip4 address…(do have an internal 172.x.x.x address) Since I can’t find that I can’t connect to the samba share (it won’t use hassio-2.local)

Any thoughts how to proceed would be appreciated…

I can ssh into the terminal, and wait, I can get into the IDE, so editing the configuration is possible…:wink:

because of that, I was able to add the system monitor, and now know its IP address. This is not seen on my router strangely enough, and it isn’t using ssl yet.