New Samsung Phone, HA app get to "Loading Data" then blank screen

I just bought a New Samsung model “A14”. I was using Samsung Galaxy S9 for the past year, and the HA App worked far above my expectations. But with the New phone, I set the URL with my NabuCasa url. Then hit connect, after which, I login with my username and password. The screen changes to “Loading Data”, then displays a blank white screen.
This happened on a virgin install of the HA App. And the HA App is still working on my, even older Samsung Galaxy S7

I have also tried clearing the Data and cache, uninstalled app, rebooted phone. Then tried installing App, a second time, with the same results, Loading Data, then a blank screen.

Is there a New phone setting, that I need to deal with???

One more thing, on the New phone, I can still use the web browser to get to the HA Sever.
Any ideas???

check that android system webview is up to date, also you can try the start fresh steps to ensure all data is properly cleared out. Its possible some old data got imported since you have the phone working on another device

I’m assumming that a brand NEW phone w/ android 13, and after applying all the latest updates. I didn’t think, a Fresh install of the HA app on a NEW phone would have any data yet. WebView is ver. 111.0.5563.116 (Mar 21, 2023), so it’s up-todate
Looking for New ideas,

The suggestions above, have all been tried, several times. Before I even though of posting on this forum.

And this is with connecting to the nabu casa URL manually entered or did the app discover your server locally and import the URLs?

Had to use the NabuCasa url manually. could never connect using the Auto-scan option. I do have an old Samsung s7, and it work just fine as HA Remote.

Make sure the URL you copy is just the base URL and does not contain a dashboard path

Thanks, That was the issue, once I removed the “lovelace/main” , from the url.

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