New scheduler one tweak to improve

Scheduler is great, but I have one improvement suggestion, alt option for weekly, fortnightly and monthly it can be implimented, most people have different bin collections each week (useually fortnightly) and then monthly could be used for other things like a reset of stats etc.

why it might sound pointless, with the aim of trying to make things more beginer friendly, it should be something to consider.

There’s a third party helper for garbage collection that supports that. GitHub - bruxy70/Garbage-Collection: 🗑 Custom Home Assistant sensor for scheduling garbage collection (or other regularly re-occurring events - weekly on given days, semi-weekly or monthly)

bins was just an example tom, I was thinking the more broader range, from family activities to other house hold items, to payment plans for such activities etc.

Unlikely to happen. The developers have already stated that they wanted to keep the weekly schedule as simple as possible. You can use the garbage helper for other things than garbage collection. Or use automations for more complicated schedules.

its not a issue for me, I just thought with the new ethos of making things simpler for newer users :slight_smile: I have my reminders announced on alexa such as the once a year, jeff bezos appreciates your donation to his rocket announce once a year :stuck_out_tongue: a and few others etc. I just thought with the way the ui was heading with its user friendly option it might be a thing to add.