New Sensibo component - ERROR preventing component from loading


I am trying the new Sensibo component and see an error in the log that apparently prevents if from loading properly.

below is the log error - is there a setting I should update or is it some issue with the API (I don’t think my AC supports Swing mode

Error in log for sensibo component

FYI @andrey

Thanks for the report.
Sent a fix PR:

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is there any way I can test it before it ends up in the version?
(can’t figure out were the fix file is located) - guess I can put it in the custom_components folder to check…

The PR is merged now, so you can pull the dev head version.

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Ok, that code loads ok :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out the concept of using this…

  • Isn’t this component supposed to “take over” and regulate the temperature via Sensibo? (if so, where is the on / off switch?
  • I see other climate component implementations support something like away mode - is this relevant for setting temperature regulation on / off and is it supported for the Sensibo implementation?
  • I don’t see an option (script does not work) to set target_temp_low / target_temp_high temperatures

up until now I’ve been using my own basic / crude implementation of a Sensibo climate component (see my git) and I also had a separate switch and some automation scripts to regulate the temperature…

This new code seems much more elegant, and I suppose it offers an improved method to handle climate control

The whole climate component seems to be written using always-on thermostats in mind.

The Sensibo A/C can be turned on/off using aux_heat switch.

Sensibo has no built-in logic to turn the A/C on/off according to min/max temperature, so I didn’t implement those.

I see…
so for this implementation the climate component is “only” used for updating the settings in the Sensibo app…

My hope is for HA to augment Sensibo’s abilities:

  • Adding the high / low temperature targets as well as humidity target etc.
  • Than adding automation (within / outside the climate component) to turn Sensibo on and off depending on rules such as presence, time of day…

Until the Sensibo gets around to implementing these features - HA can provide the perfect platform for actually saving energy… My AC would constantly stay on (going idle based on it’s own thermostat) and I don’t see the point in that (not the need for Sensibo).

My automation for example goes something like this (see link)
for that to work target_temp_low / target_temp_high should be implemented and preferably some method to replace the separate switch I have setup.

I see you rely on the new async methods (which I haven’t cracked / followed) but I am guessing it would work better than my implementation that sometimes leaves errors on the log for some reason.

another option would be to add the switch component for sensibo to HA official components

I think automation doesn’t belong to this platform. It can be written in yaml or as a separate custom component.

As for async - it more efficient, but I still see errors in the log sometime. I guess Sensibo’s servers are not 100% reliable.

I’d have to agree on the sensibo server aspect…

Also, the automation can still be kept separate from the platform as seen in my attached example… but it would have to get the relevant attributes in order to work or else be kept outside the platfrom using some input method / slider…

I think that since the climate component supports these attributes - it’s logical to add them even if sendibo does nothing with it - just to that all the data is kept under one component

So that we end up with the data listed on the right for the climate component on top of what this component is currently offering (on the left)

Adding the switch inside the climate component or as a separate component would also be required to complete the package…

Setting humidity and target min/max temp also affects the UI adding relevant controls.
This is convenient if you want to set up automation based on those, but will mean that the platform is broken out of the box, since there are controls that do nothing.

I believe that would add functionality… don’t see anything broken about that :slight_smile:
you can make it optional if that would feel better - but the point of HA is enabling users to get more out of their smart stuff IMHO.

anyway, that’s my 2 cents.