New sensor pathway from Apple watch, Polar H10 chest strap and other BLE sensors to Home Assistant and InfluxDB: developers wanted

Since several years we failed to access sports sensor data in an easy way. We are happy, that it has become easier now. Udo Berndt made a demo how to sync Apple Health data over the iPhone Apple health auto export app to Home Assistant, export it to InfluxDB and visualize it in Grafana in Home Assistant.

Udos example is very helpful to get to know this new pathway, the Apple watch, and to test, what is possible on this patway. But as far as we have seen, it is not possible to synchronize activity data over the iPhone app to Home Assistant. Another path which goes over GITHUB project is to connect BLE sensors as the Polar H10 chest strap to balenaHealth to balena cloud to balena Home Assistant. There, we can modify Udo Berndts example and see, if it is also possible to export for instance Polar H10 sensor data to InfluxDB and visualize it in Grafana in Home Assistant.

Then, we can also test, if it is possible to do the same with a Stryd foot pod, or another BLE sensor of our choice. We are looking for developers who are interested in testing these devices and pathways, and test, whether they are interested in these products, want to take over those into their projects, want to modify it and develop it further according to their needs. We are looking for developers who want to develop their own projects further, do it for fun and in their spare time, or for students who do it as a student project.

This not a feature request and you are looking for developers. Not “testers”. Your topic title has been edited to reflect this and it has been moved to a more appropriate category.

Edit: actually on reflection this has nothing to do with home automation. So I am locking the post.

Please ask in the InfluxDB or Grafana forums about data logging options.